Brand Guidelines

CaptureProof has prepared these brand guidelines so you'll know exactly
how you can and cannot display CaptureProof Brand Assets.
If you’d like to use CaptureProof brand assets in a way not covered
by these guidelines, please reach out to us at
CaptureProof updates these guidelines occasionally,
so check-in periodically to see what’s changed.
CaptureProof Logo and brand guidelines
By honoring these guidelines, you'll help yourself by getting to use the Brand Assets without having to negotiate legal agreements with CaptureProof every time you want to use them. Keep in mind that CaptureProof is constantly growing and evolving and it's entirely possible CaptureProof will modify these guidelines from time to time. When CaptureProof does, CaptureProof will publish updated guidelines, but CaptureProof may not provide you any individual notice about those new guidelines. It's important that you regularly check this site to ensure that you're correctly using CaptureProof Brand Assets. CaptureProof owns trademark rights in the United States.
These few simple rules will help you use CaptureProof's branding elements to communicate the CaptureProof brand most effectively. Download all assets

The CaptureProof wordmark is an important expression of CaptureProof brand identity. It should in no way be distorted or redrawn when applied to communications. Because the wordmark is such a recognizable and highly visible brand asset, it is vital that it is always applied consistently.
The CaptureProof wordmark is a registered symbol and must be accompanied by a registered mark ®. The exceptions are when the logo already appears once in the design with the registered mark or when the logo is reduced a size where the symbol would no longer be legible.
If you’d like to use the CaptureProof logo, please follow these rules and guidelines.
• Use only the official CaptureProof wordmark.
• Maintain proportions and preserve clear space around the CaptureProof wordmark.
• Modify the CaptureProof wordmark in any way, such as by changing colors, altering the typography, distorting proportions, or adding elements to the design.
• Use the CaptureProof wordmark to refer to any product or service other than CaptureProof.

CaptureProof monogram is the reduced form of CaptureProof wordmark. It should only be used when the wordmark is too small to achieve maximum impact.

Clearspace and Positioning
In order to preserve the integrity of the CaptureProof, it is important that no other logos, type or other graphic elements infringe on its space.
The wordmark should always be surrounded by generous white space. The diagram below defines the minimum amount of clear space needed around the CaptureProof wordmark, which is equivalent to 1/3 of the height of the CaptureProof wordmark.

Primary Usage: CaptureProof wordmark is primarily used in orange, blue and grey.
The wordmark may be used on top of a color from our secondary palette and should always contrast with the background.

App Icon
Unless you're showing the CaptureProof app icon on a mobile phone or in the context of mobile apps, use the CaptureProof wordmark guidelines above.

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