Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Record. Track. Treat.

Upgrade your health system's offering with specific AI to detect and direct better patient care. Get complete patient visibility anywhere, anytime with the Smart Medical Camera™ billable technology in office appointments, PT appointments or for remote patient monitoring. This is the perfect telehealth companion. Sign up today and get paid for what you are already doing.

CaptureProof - Time Up & Go
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CaptureProof: capture, organize, analyze
Standing Lumbar Flexion

Proven, published efficacy

  • Increase accuracy of diagnosis by 5.45x
  • Save 99% of time in the diagnostic journey
  • 90% of patients say they better manage their health
  • Identify urgent patients with 78% more accuracy
  • Reduce in-person visits by 75%
  • Remote diagnosis 72%
  • Save 60% of post-op resources
  • Reduce emergency room visits by at least 50%
  • HIPAA secure videos, photos and case based chat
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Advanced computer vision and touchless artificial intelligence

CaptureProof delivers more than the eye can see. Objective trend reports are delivered as sophisticated lab results. A.I. generates and captures novel digital endpoints that are statistically superior to traditional clinical endpoints. Be sure your videos, photos and case based chat will be HIPAA secure.

Now is the time
Fall Risks monitored at home & at all wellness visits
Range of motion for all joints of the body
Size, texture & color calculations on organs & skin

Providers practice at the top of their license

Leveraging advanced A.I. from any iOS or Android camera to capture, share, and compare
medical quality imagery of the patient recovery path.

Smart Capture

The Smart Medical Camera walks the patient or office staff through data capture. SMC is deployed on any iOS or Android device

Automatically Organize

Videos and photos are viewed in the patented comparison carousel with dual zoom

Artificial Intelligence

Get visual biometrics and insights in detailed reports on longitudinal patient progress of balance, gait, range of motion and more

Patented capture method

  • Media Rx™

    Capture a single or a set of photo(s) and/or video(s) to better understand patient diagnosis, status and treatment.

  • Smart Medical Camera™

    Patient and care team create consistent photos and video following text and framing guides in the camera.

  • Protocol driven capture

    Providers tap the 'Protocol' button to choose from a list of pre-populated pathways to capture from the patient in the office visit or in the home.

Smart Medical Camera™

When should you choose CaptureProof?

Accurate, accelerated, automated, essential technology for patient monitoring (remote and on site) & the perfect telehealth companion.


Take the phone tag out of your practice

Patients struggle to describe symptoms. Care teams struggle to efficiently triage, monitor, and connect with patients. Administrative work and data entry consume too much time. Turn the mobile phone into a medical tool that captures symptoms, progress and the physical exam anywhere, anytime. CaptureProof provides better on-site documentation, remote patient monitoring and a synergistic partner to traditional telehealth. Asynchronous Healthcare helps you to record, track, treat.

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Fall risk

Timed up and go (dual, motor, cognitive) proprietary A.I. reading


Track post stroke, parkinson's, tremor, epilepsy, and more


Track Gait, Range of Motion & post op care

Plastic surgery

Track facial trauma, mohs post op, aesthetic and wrinkle A.I.

Get reimbursed

CaptureProof is touchless advanced Artifical Intelligence and does not need any additional hardware for billing.

Remote photo /
video review

$12.61 / media file

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  • Established patient
  • Digital follow-up with the patient within 24 business hours
  • No related E/M service prior 7 days or within 24 hours
  • Remote evaluation of recorded videos/photos
  • Patient must give consent to bill

Interprofessional consultation

$37.48 / encounter

Sign up

  • Interprofessional referral service(s) provided by a treating
  • Consultative physician writes back to requesting physician
  • Time - requesting: 30 minutes consulting: 5 minutes
  • Record assessment and management service
  • Patient must give consent to bill

Remote patient monitoring

$51.54 / 20 minutes

Sign up

  • Each 20 minutes of staff time
  • Applies to set up on app
  • Can be billed at pre-op visit
  • Remote monitoring treatment management services
  • Patient must give consent to bill

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Find out how other clinics, health systems and government organizations are using CaptureProof to deliver superior and efficient care across the globe.

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Deliver better care

CaptureProof is an innovative company recognized for impacting the ability to improve healthcare and digital communication around the world. At CaptureProof, we believe the most limited resource in healthcare is the amount of time a provider can give care. Decoupling medical care from time and location allows for vast efficiencies to improve patient experience and outcomes. More accurate and meaningful visual data at a provider's fingertips means more immediate and informed decisions. Thus better care!

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CaptureProof Pathways
CaptureProof Mobile App: capture, organize, analyze

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more about our services?

    With CaptureProof, Providers benefit from:
  • Automatic Organization - Never organize a photo or video again, everything arrives organized.
  • Easy Analysis - See videos or photos automatically side-by-side in chronological order, to easily determine progress.
  • Consistency - A protocol is set for subsequent images in the app so your Patient can send you consistent images which will allow you to better track their progress over time.
  • Security - HIPAA and HITECH compliant.
  • Links into all EHRs - There is a unique URL for each of your Patients, which can be copied and pasted into any existing EHR.
Once you have created an account, you are free to begin inviting patients to share photos, video, and notes.
Here are a number of tutorials to walk you through some of our features on CaptureProof. You can also look at our video tutorials.
In addition, we would be happy to schedule a free visit or webinar in which one of our representatives can walk you through the app and website.
Email to set up a meeting with us today.
Telemedicine is traditionally synchronous - not unlike a video chat with your Patient. Scheduling can be challenging, as most doctors don't run on time.
CaptureProof decouples medical care from time and location, acting as the visual voicemail for medicine. Providers and their Patients do not have to be available at the same time to communicate. We are the the visual voicemail of medicine. When photos, video or notes are shared, the recipient (provider or patient) receives a notification. The media waits in the recipient's account - so they can view it instantaneously, in a few minutes, a few hours, or even days later - at their convenience.
CaptureProof links into all Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).
On the web, in the patient's profile, click the link symbol at the top right of the page. Click the 'copy link' button, then paste the unique and anonymized URL into the Patient’s EHR. The next time you want to review the Patient’s media, simply click this link to login and see their media. Anyone from your Virtual CaptureProof Office in can see this media, using their username and password to login.
If your health system is interested in a full technical integration CaptureProof’s tech team is happy to discuss, please email
CaptureProof allows you to communicate with both Patients and other Health Care Providers (HCP) with photos, video, and notes. An entire team can follow an episode of care from start to finish. A HCP requests a Media Rx (mRx) from a Patient. The Patient responds with the requested photos, videos, and any notes. The HCP can then see and know what the patient is talking about. HCPs can even share Patient images with other Providers to collaborate and consult on Patient cases.

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