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Remove the perception from the progression of the healing process and disease state

Know what your patients are talking about

Clearly communicate a challenging case to another doctor for better patient treatment faster

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Comparative Organization

Automatically see photos and videos side-by-side in three clicks. It is simple to track through time. Simply grab and drag a controller on the scroll bar beneath the images and track through time.

why doctors love captureproof

Amazing Experience

captureproof is the tool that finally integrates important clinical media in the daily neurology practice.

Farhad Sahebkar, MD,
    Pediatric Neurologist
    San Francisco, California

Patients love it!

captureproof is particularly useful for rural patients to avoid additional visits, and patients who are anxious for surgery and their follow up. Patients like to compare the progress of their wounds and scars through the recovery process.

Roger Woods, MD,
    Plastic Surgeon
    Adelaide, Australia

Revolutionizing my Practice

captureproof lets me see what my patients are talking about and reduces the need for inperson follow up appointments.

Kris Siemionow, MD,
    Spine Surgeon
    Chicago, Illinois

captureproof reduced unneeded tests by 78%

American Academy of Neurology 2013.

Our first study was conducted in Pediatric Neurology. We looked at how using captureproof and video augmented triage of patients to rule out seizures. In the study, children were referred by a pediatrician to the child neurologist to rule out seizures based solely on the parent’s description. Because the parents had captureproof the neurologist was able to see the events in question. The neurologist identified the kids actually needed EEGs – captureproof reduced unneeded tests by 78%. Use of captureproof led to - faster diagnosis; fewer tests; optimized treatment; cost savings.

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AHA innovation challenge

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