Objective Progress Tracking

View Subjects' Progress Throughout a Clinical Trial

CaptureProof is the leading HIPAA-compliant platform for capturing, curating, and collaborating medical photos and videos. Designed with clinical trials in mind, CaptureProof streamlines the process of keeping investigators and subjects on track through automated instructions and notifications customized to fit any study protocol.

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CaptureProof offers:

Objective Progress Tracking

View subjects' progress throughout a clinical trial

Constant Up-to-Date Data Access

Quickly and securely access study results, updated in real time

Clear and Seamless Delivery to the FDA

NDA applications done highlighting results in one glance

Comparative organization

Automatic side-by-side of subject media

Sensor Data

Track wearable sensor data and monitor subjects with extreme accuracy

Custom Protocols

Ensure accurate data and proper following of protocol

Structured Questions/Surveys

Get the answers you need from subjects or investigators

CaptureProof is The Visual Health Record

Easily manage medical media & compare progress. Objectively document the impact an intervention is having on a patient. CaptureProof effectively removes all perception from a disease state and allows for a central reader.





Digital Check Up

Send a Personalized Pathway to Any Patient. Anytime.

Digital Check Up

Send a Personalized Pathway to Any Patient. Anytime.

Effectiveness Proven by Studies

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Initial image is used to set protocol and ensure consistency

Send instructional media to patients

Request photos and videos from patients

Capture Structured Data

Care Team Collaboration

90% of patients on CaptureProof say it helped them better manage their health

CaptureProof is proven to:

  • Reduce ER visits
  • Identify urgent patients with 78% more accuracy
  • Reduce non-urgent follow up visits by 75%
  • Save 60% of follow up resources per TKA
  • 71% of home videos can be read and confidently diagnosed by epileptologists

Want to try CaptureProof
for yourself?

Want to try CaptureProof for yourself?

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