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Never struggle to tell your health history again

A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Record your health trends through photos and videos, instantly and securely share them with your doctor to get the best care. CaptureProof empowers you to show-and-tell your health.

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Are you making the most of your doctor visits?

CaptureProof will help you gather the information that your doctor needs to make the best decision about your health. Your personalized digital check up should be done as health homework to prepare for your next in-person or telemedicine appointment. This will reduce the amount of appointments you need to get the proper care and quickly get you on the road to health.

Somethings you may be asked to keep track of are your incision post-op, range of motion of a joint, a movement disorder, swelling of your feet, wounds, or other sporadic symptoms. If you have any questions on the technology don’t hesitate to reach out.


Use the free CaptureProof app to take clear and consistent photos and videos of your health symptoms. Your first photo is used to get the same angle over time. Your doctor can send you a media Rx asking for a specific view or movement


Keep taking photos and videos to track your progress over time. The patented side-by-side carousel will allow you and your care team to easily see the progress you are making. This will help determine the best next steps in your care


Your doctor may ask for a specific movement for the CaptureProof's Smart Visual Lab to analyze the progress you are making. Make sure to follow all directions and pay attention to how the video/photo is captured to ensure accurate analysis and results

Patented capture method

  • Media Rx™

    Capture a single or a set of photo(s) and/or video(s) to better understand patient diagnosis, status and treatment.

  • Smart Medical Camera™

    Patient and care team create consistent photos and video following text and placement guides in the camera.

  • Protocol driven capture

    Providers tap the 'Protocol' button to choose from a list of pre-populated pathways to request from the patient in the office visit or in the home.

Smart Medical Camera™
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Deliver better care

CaptureProof is an innovative company recognized for impacting the ability to improve healthcare and digital communication around the world. At CaptureProof, we believe the most limited resource in healthcare is the amount of time a provider can give care. Decoupling medical care from time and location allows for vast efficiencies to improve patient experience and outcomes. More accurate and meaningful visual data at a provider's fingertips means more immediate and informed decisions. Thus better care!

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Why your doctor chooses CaptureProof.

Accurate, accelerated, automated, essential technology for patient monitoring (remote and on site) & the perfect telehealth companion.

Providers practice at the top of their license

Leveraging advanced A.I. from any iOS or Android camera to capture, share, and compare medical quality imagery of the patient recovery path.

  • Capture

    The Smart Medical Camera™ creates consistent visual data and trends to document patient progress.

  • Organize

    The Smart Compare Carousel™ automatically organizes all visual data to review patient progress in 2-3 clicks.

  • Analyze

    The Smart Medical Lab™ uses A.I. to analyze visual data and trends to quantify patient progress.


Frequently asked questions

Want to know more about our services?

All Doctors in the US are responsible for complying with HIPAA and HITECH regulations when handling a Patient’s protected health data (this includes photos or video) to ensure it remains private and secure.
If you send a text to your Doctor, your information may not be secure, and your Doctor is breaking the law by not receiving and storing it securely.
Once received, the data needs to be kept in a compliant and secure medical chart. CaptureProof takes care of this for you and your Doctor.
First, check your spam folder or simply search captureproof in your email. If you still cannot find an email, please contact your Provider directly and ask him/her to resend the invitation via CaptureProof.
First, check your spam folder. If you cannot find the email - go ahead and try to login at:
If you have not already activated your account, you will get the following notification: “You must confirm your account before using CaptureProof. Please check your inbox for a confirmation email.” CaptureProof will automatically resend you an email with the links necessary to activate your account. Be sure to find the most recent email that CaptureProof sent, sometimes this requires to scroll to more emails. Each time you try to sign up.
Some Doctors review the files at your appointment with you, and others will do it on their own time outside of appointments. This is something to find out from your own Doctor, as it will vary.
CaptureProof is a HIPAA compliant service, meeting or exceeding all federal requirements for protecting the personal health information (PHI) of Patients under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). We have industry- leading security in place. With CaptureProof, all of your data is encrypted both during transmission and when stored. All data is stored in secured servers in the US.

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