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You have been invited to use this app to improve treatment and the diagnostic journey for people living with CMT. We will be collecting data to improve care for people living with CMT and advance research for better treatments. Our mission is to speed up the time to diagnosis and improve access to expert care. Would you like to join us in this mission? If so, please read on.

Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation (HNF) is empowering patients across the globe to tell their CMT story. In partnership with CaptureProof, the CMT Mobile App uses HIPAA secure photo and video to visually document daily challenges with CMT and track the progression of symptoms over time using CMT scales that are currently only used in the doctor’s office. CaptureProof's Smart Medical Camera™ can calculate important visual information about the impact of CMT using computer vision.

During this data collection you will answer survey questions, take photos and videos specifically designed to allow CMT experts to diagnose and measure the progression of CMT.

Have any questions? Please contact

CaptureProof's CMT Mobile Application

Upon entering the application you will see this screen

After that you will fill out the release, answer some questions about CMT and tell us about the phone you are using for the data collection.

You will be asked to complete the associated data capture. If you do not see the option to do a check-in, contact the HNF coordinator by email at: and ask for the foot calculator to be assigned.

When you have everything ready including the stickers from HNF and a tripod, email to request the foot calculator to be assigned again.



These are the supplies you will need.

Be sure to make HNF your amazon smile choice.

Additional Data Capture

After you have competed the foot calculator with stickers and have received approval. You may be invited to collect additional data. The tutorial for the additional data capture is found here.

Please contact and asked to be included in the additional data capture if you definitely want to be a part of this next phase.

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