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SIGN UP TO CMT JOURNAL Welcome to CaptureProof’s
CMT Medical Journal

You have been invited to join the movement to elevate treatment and the diagnostic journey for CMT patients. CMT patients and their loved ones are invited to participate in this exciting journey. We will be collecting data to create a better experience for patients. Our mission is to speed up the time to diagnosis, improve access to expert care and establish a post-pandemic-era clinical trial tool. Would you like to join us in this mission? If so, please read on.

Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation (HNF) is empowering patients across the globe to tell their CMT story. In partnership with CaptureProof, CMT Journal uses HIPAA secure photo and video to visually document daily challenges with CMT and track the progression of symptoms over time. CaptureProof's Smart Medical Camera™ can calculate important visual information on the impact of CMT using computer vision.

During this data collection you will answer survey questions, take photos and videos specifically designed to allow CMT experts (or Artificial Intelligence) to diagnose and measure the progression of CMT.

Have any questions? Please contact

There are two ways to participate:

• The AI Foot Calculator - You are over the age of 8, can bear weight and have an iPhone with 2+ camera lenses

We will send you the required supplies. Your data will be analyzed with computer vision and a 3D model of your foot, the “Foot Calculator” will be automatically generated. HNF will share the de-identified data with CMT investigators to define the “CMT Foot”.

• You are over the age of 8, but don’t have the right iPhone, you can still track the progression of your CMT with the CMT Medical Journal

You will need to purchase the supplies and then follow the instructions for each Check-in. The difference will be with the computer analysis, there will not be automatic 3D foot measurements, but other important measurements will be calculated.

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