CaptureProof is a secure way to track your body over time through photos and video-- a visual symptom tracker. CaptureProof lets you securely capture, compare, and share medical photos and video. You can communicate with your Doctor using these photos or video in a secure HIPAA compliant (medically secure) platform.

By using or the iPhone app to SHOW-and-TELL symptoms, your Doctors will instantly SEE-and-KNOW.
All Doctors in the US are responsible for complying with HIPAA and HITECH regulations when handling a Patient’s protected health data (this includes photos or video) to ensure it remains private and secure.

If you send a text to your Doctor, your information may not be secure, and your Doctor is breaking the law by not receiving and storing it securely.

Once received, the data needs to be kept in a compliant and secure medical chart. CaptureProof takes care of this for you and your Doctor.
Every Patient has been frustrated by symptoms disappearing or changing before you get to your Doctor’s appointment. CaptureProof lets you capture symptoms as they happen, take a photo or video, add notes, and securely share it with your Doctor - to accurately track your health.

Medicine is a study of patterns. With CaptureProof, you track the progression of your symptoms over time to explain and share them visually. CaptureProof puts the doctors’ eye in your hand, allowing them to see what you’re seeing. Now your Doctor doesn’t have to guess what you mean - the pattern is clear.

CaptureProof turns the frustrating wait-and-see into the powerful SEE-and-KNOW.
Go to and click the blue 'Create Account' button. Then specify you are a Patient and click 'Sign Up'.

The Required fields are as follows:
- Full name
- Email
- Mobile Number
- Gender

You will receive an email at your designated email address, allowing you to complete signup. If you do not see this email, please check your spam folder or simply search for captureproof.
Have them go to and sign up for their new account today.
Once you have an account, you can simply go to and login.

To use the iPhone app, you will receive an “install app” link when you are first registered via email. Or simply go to
First, check your spam folder or simply search captureproof in your email. If you still cannot find an email, please contact your Provider directly and ask him/her to resend the invitation via CaptureProof.
First, check your spam folder. If you cannot find the email - go ahead and try to login at:

If you have not already activated your account, you will get the following notification: “You must confirm your account before using CaptureProof. Please check your inbox for a confirmation email.” CaptureProof will automatically resend you an email with the links necessary to activate your account.
Use the CaptureProof iPhone app to capture symptoms as they happen. Keep track of your own health and progress. You have the option to share your photos/video with your Health Care Provider at any time.

You also have the option of taking a picture or video with a digital camera and uploading it to CaptureProof to be shared.
Do not use CaptureProof for urgent or life-threatening situations. If there is a medical emergency, please call your local emergency services. In the US, please dial 911 immediately.
CaptureProof is paid for by your Doctor.
On your smartphone: As long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to use CaptureProof via the iPhone app.

For CaptureProof on the web: In order to access your account, for security purposes an authentication code is sent to your mobile phone to confirm your identity. Therefore, without cell phone reception, you will not be able to access that account until you receive that code via text/SMS.
Of course! Simply record your symptom now and upload it to the CaptureProof site or iPhone app later.

Please remember, the media on your device (iPod, mobile phone, tablet) is not securely stored, so once you’ve uploaded it to CaptureProof, you may want to delete the image from your phone/device. This way when you show off the picture of your niece - no one has to see the pictures of your infected knee from last week.
At CaptureProof, your privacy is our priority. We go above and beyond patient health information privacy laws to ensure that we apply the highest security standards possible when storing and transmitting your information. CaptureProof complies with HIPAA and HITECH standards.
CaptureProof allows you to invite as many Doctors, Nurses, or Specialists to your “care team” as you like, as long as they have a CaptureProof account.

Each time you capture or upload an image, you will indicate which member(s) of your care team you want to see it, and invites are sent to those members. Once they accept the request, they can view the image.

Need help getting a Doctor on the system? Have them contact to start their free trial today.
For photos, the current formats we allow you to upload are: JPG, JPEG, and/or PNG.

For videos, the current formats we allow you to upload are: MOV, MPEG, MPG, MP4, M4V, AVI, 3GP, and/or WMV.

For reports, the current format we allow you to upload is: PDF
The CaptureProof team has worked hard to make sure that both the website and iPhone app are clear and easy-to-use. We have written tutorials which can be found HERE.
Some Doctors review the files at your appointment with you, and others will do it on their own time outside of appointments. This is something to find out from your own Doctor, as it will vary.
Patients currently have unlimited storage on their accounts. You can store an unlimited number of photos and video.
CaptureProof is a HIPAA compliant service, meeting or exceeding all federal requirements for protecting the personal health information (PHI) of Patients under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). We have industry- leading security in place. With CaptureProof, all of your data is encrypted both during transmission and when stored. All data is stored in secured servers on both coasts of the US.
You should absolutely log out after you are done using CaptureProof and before walking away from your computer.

CaptureProof has an automatic logout triggered after 10 minutes of inactivity on the site for security - but this should not be relied upon as a form of logout. To ensure your account remains secure, you should log out of the web application after every session.
2-factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to your CaptureProof account, drastically reducing the chances that the personal information in your account will be stolen. To break into an account with 2-factor Authentication, the hacker would need to have your mobile phone, in addition to your login and password.
If you do not want to enter an authentication code every time you sign into your CaptureProof account, you can designate your computer or device as a Trusted Device.

When you first login, you will have the option to check or uncheck a box which says, ‘Do not ask for authentication code again on this device’. If this box remains checked, you will not be asked to enter in your authentication code for the next 90 days.

If you change your mind and decide that you do not want CaptureProof to recognize your device and be asked for authentication code each time you log in - simply reset your password and you will have the opportunity to uncheck the box mentioned above.
There are no setup or cancellation costs. There may be a processing fee to return photos and video should you choose to close your account.

iOS: 10.0 and up.
Android: 4.0.3 and up.

Chrome: 52 and up (recommended browser).
Firefox: 48 and up.
Internet Explorer: 11 and up.
Safari: 9 and up.
Opera: 39 and up.

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