Introducing the CaptureProof Smart Medical CameraTM app

CaptureProof uses advanced computer vision in the live camera to give instant feedback on quality of photos and videos. Media arrives organized, with respect to patient progress. Practice at the top of your license through more accurate triage and seamless monitoring on CaptureProof.

Media Rx
Shows text instructions in the live camera
Enables perfect framing: line up with an overlay or watch an example video
Computer Vision
in the active camera: Helps take better photos and videos by highlighting shadows and overexposure


Remove the bias of perception and objectively visualize the process of healing and the disease state


Know what your patients are talking about through media Rx


Clearly communicate a challenging case to another doctor for better patient treatment faster


Integrate into existing EHR with link for each patient

adding the visual narrative to healthcare

Securely Communicate Health using Photos and Videos

CaptureProof is the intelligent medical camera that adds visual narrative to healthcare by empowering providers and patients with a HIPAA secure photos and videos tracking application. CaptureProof is Scientifically Proven to deliver 80% more accurate triage2, 75% fewer in-person follow ups1 and ER visits reduced.

hipaa secure: photos | videos | chat | wearable data


Amazing Experience

CaptureProof is the tool that finally integrates important clinical media in the daily neurology practice.

Farhad Sahebkar, MD,
    Pediatric Neurologist
    San Francisco, California

Patients love it!

CaptureProof is particularly useful for rural patients to avoid additional visits, and patients who are anxious for surgery and their follow up. Patients like to compare the progress of their wounds and scars through the recovery process.

Roger Woods, MD,
    Plastic Surgeon
    Adelaide, Australia

Revolutionizing my Practice

CaptureProof lets me see what my patients are talking about and reduces the need for inperson follow up appointments.

Kris Siemionow, MD,
    Spine Surgeon
    Chicago, Illinois

compare patient progress side-by-side

Comparative Organization

Automatically see photos and videos side-by-side in three clicks. It is simple to track through time. Simply grab and drag a controller on the scroll bar beneath the images to compare pictures from different dates and times.

effectiveness proven by studies

remote asynchronous telerehabilitation following total knee arthroplasty

Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare
March 2016

We report that clinical outcomes following asynchronous telerehabilitation administered over the web and through a hand-held device were not inferior to those achieved with traditional care. Outpatient resource utilization was lower. Patient satisfaction was high for both groups. The results suggest that asynchronous telerehabilitation may be a more practical alternative to real-time video visits and are clinically equivalent to the in-person care model.

Management of Postoperative Wound Complications

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
June 2014

A HIPAA compliant photo and video platform safely allows for management of post-operative wound complications and can serve as an alternative to office visits in select patients. All patients were satisfied with their ability to access their physician using the application. Smartphone applications can serve as a useful tool in postoperative management of patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery.


American Academy of Neurology
April 2013

The study demonstrated the usefulness of media in pediatric neurology practices proving that it: a) allows for faster and more accurate diagnosis, b) reduces the need for costly tests, ER/office visits, and lengthy hospital stays, c) optimizes treatment modalities and d) results in better care at a fraction of the cost of the current standard of care for patients.

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